Mountain Biking at Hilton Falls

Hilton Falls provides some of the best trails in Ontario. Integrated with rich and seasonal forests that will change every season you ride in including fall colors being some of the most stunning you have yet to see. Hilton Falls provides bikers with the most practical trails for any type of session, while also immersing your experience more through all of its surroundings and beautiful sceneries. Here are some of the finest selected trails In Hilton Falls.

1. Single Track Trails

Image credit: Hilton Falls Map

With Single Track Trail you get to have a nice and steady 5 km ride with a difficulty being more suited towards advanced riders (tighter sections, sharp corners and etc.). While the trail terrain itself is easy (Green), it is best if you already have some experience with mountain biking and are looking for a normal length trail with some minor challenges that won’t take you out of your comfort zone. Beginners may have some difficulty advancing/controlling their bike through some terrains and may stumble across occasions with little steep hills and other obstacles. Overall, this trail is suited for an Intermediate and advanced level, mostly in terms of skill required and types of terrain that is present in the trail.

2. Bent Rim Trail

Image credit: Hilton Falls Map

Bent Rim Trail is a 7 km trail that connects to many other trails such as the famous/well known Bruce Trail and further ahead leads into Beaver Dam Trail. Be sure to be well prepared, as the main trail course level is Intermediate (Blue).

Things you may find along the way are casual terrain drop, small slopes, and the usual twigs bushes and etc. If you’re being cautious and aware of other riders on the track, there is no major obstacle that could potentially throw you off balance, such as huge rocks etc., however you’ll need your control in tact that comes with the speed you’re comfortable with, so ride safely and enjoy this trail.

3. Wandering Lynx Back Country Trail

Image credit: Hilton Falls Map

The Final main MTB trail we have for Hilton Falls is Wandering Lynx Back Country Trail. This trail is a single-track trail that get’s really rocky folks! The views of this trail are beautiful as you will be able to cross a bridge over a lake with many (and I mean many) trees. I’d personally recommend for bikers to come here in Autumn as it really shows off the true vibe of this trail, with all the rocks and colorful leaves. It’s nice and full of a rich nature experience if you want enjoy a bike ride that’s 6.5 km. This trail, just like the last one is an intermediate level trail (Blue level) with varying types of terrain similar to Bent Rim Trail but with a ton of more rocks. As it isn’t a really hard trail, you should pay attention to patches of ground that might have ditches in them or could be slippery during different rainy seasons. Over all this is another great addition to Hilton Falls mountain biking trails.

Trails connecting to Hilton Falls main MTB trails

Let’s go over 3 trails that connects with Hilton Falls main MTB trails that are absolutely worth riding on. For these trails, be cognizant that there are also other people sharing them includes: Hikers, Family’s with children including toddlers (stroller accessible), Horse back riding, so extra courtesy and diligence with biking calls and making proper use of your bell is necessary to share the trail with others in harmony.

Red Oak Trail

Image credit: Hilton Falls Map

Connecting from Beaver Dam Trail (which connects to Bent Rim Trail and Single-Track Trail) is yet another great trail for Mountain Biking. The 4 km Red Oak Trail is full of moments where you can enjoy nature, as things like beaver ponds, steams and reservoirs will come across your way. It’s pretty exciting for most people especially on first occasions, since every trail had to offer something different and this one proves to be more diverse in terms of sight-seeing. Or if you just want to enjoy nature and get the best out of your ride, I present to you Red Oak Trail friends!

Beaver Dam Trail

Image credit: Hilton Falls Map

This trail is about 8 km long but perhaps just enough for what the trail has to offer, as some portions of the trail may have steep turns at an uneven surface or tight turns, it’s something to keep you on your wheels for the entertainment and little challenge! This is also considered to be the biggest Trail on the list.


 Hilton Falls Trail

Image credit: Hilton Falls Map

Saving the best for last, of course, the star trail is Hilton Falls Trail which is a small 3 km (smallest trail of the list) all-skill type trail. Offering many things from the whole list featured in a small form factor that almost anybody that can mountain bike Enjoy! Featuring a lake with the Falls, the start has a little steep incline but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem for bikers because with a low gear you should be able to ride the hill without much effort.

Here is a pdf copy of the trail map if you’d like to print and keep for reference. Usually they are also provided at the park entrance.

Remember, always pick a trail you can handle, with your safety gear on, keeping good gear changing practice intact, and enjoy your Rides!