Martin Goodman Waterfront Trail

Martin Goodman Waterfront Trail is amongst one of the top multi-use trails to try out that runs along Lakeshore Blvd in Toronto, Ontario. Spanning over 22 km, it offers fun for all sorts of activities including road biking, jogging and walking in a very nice atmosphere with an added bonus of some cardio as well.

There are many scenic paths on the trail as one of the main ones being the gorgeous waterfront itself, as you ride through the trail you may find yourself entering and exiting parks that are part of the trail. The roads on this trail interconnect the parks together for one long ride. Keep in mind that stop overs are evident in many sections of the trail giving it more of a tour vibe which might end up being more fun for the whole family. As usual for trails like these the level is easy (green) and the maximum elevation gain is around 70 meters but gradual. As many may know that Toronto is a pretty busy city, expect a park like this should be crowded as well, but the good news is that it’s nice and open making much more room for people to pass by with ease. That said, make sure to watch out for cars as they will be a lot passing by the roads, to be safe. Speaking of safety, let’s go over some of the essential items for consideration.


Extra precautionary steps that you may want to take to avoid any incidents are:

  1. Wearing something bright – this will allow drivers to see you easily making them aware of bikers nearby
  2. Always wear a helmet, no matter how hot the day may be, the safety it offers is priceless.
  3. Bring water. 22 km isn’t going to be a nice ride if you don’t keep yourself hydrated. That being said, try to drink some water every 30 minutes or so as it will really help your stamina and is benefiting your overall health. Better yet, carry a hydration pack and sip away as you feel like without needing to stop for water break.
  4. Just to be on the safe side make sure to bring a mini patch-kit for your tire, and don’t forget bring a first-aid kit that has most of the essentials to help you after taking a hit or a cut and etc.

In the excitement of a lovely weather and the urge to just get out and ride, one mostly tends to forget the important things required for a safer ride. Ignoring of which can cause you delays, and take away the fun aspect of the ride, should you experience anything out of the ordinary, so as the saying goes “Better safe than sorry” would apply here.

Eye-catching locations

If there’s one thing that Martin Goodman Waterfront trail offers the best, it has to be showing off the amazing landscape of Toronto over the waterfront itself. This is something that’s beyond words and has to be experienced first hand in order to understand the amazement factor. Here are some beautiful spots for mini-stopovers if you need drink a sip of water, or even stop-by to take pictures with the lush green nature, amazing waterfront and a mix of city sky scrapers.

  1. Firstly, you should pass by the iconic Humber arc bridge on the course of the trail, as it is one of the most recognized landmarks of the trail that distinguishes Martin Goodman trail from the others.
  2. If History and culture exploration interests you, you’ve come to the right place. Near the end of Coronation Park in the first quarter of the trail you will come across another bike path that leads that same way but enters a new park called Inukshuk Park. As you may know, Inukshuks are pretty rare to find across all of Canada and mostly can be found in Nunavut, but here in Ontario we are lucky to keep the preserves of ancient artifacts from many years of the past. While on the course of the trail, take a turn to the entrance of the park and take a walk around the huge towering Inukshuks to observe and take pictures with for creating memories.

Exclusive features

What’s that? You really love the views on this trail and want to ride it yourself or with your family but do not have bikes? Or one of your family members/friends doesn’t have a bike. No worries, Royalty bikes at Martin Goodman trail has you covered. You can borrow a bike at the rental location for the ride and return it back.

Final word

Martin Goodman Waterfront Trail is a all in one package for those who want calm and entertaining ride. You will come across many great locations to park your bike and enjoy yourself at many stunning views of Lake Ontario. The 22 km bike ride on a stretch may not be for everyone, but nonetheless you can always cover a section of a trail to your own comfort level and pace yet get to enjoy the features, views, and a great ride itself to get refreshed. We hope you’ll enjoy the ride to the fullest as you get to try it, and would want to go back again.