Long-Distance Biking – Complete 2022 Guide for beginners

When it comes to biking, you do not have to worry about your endurance because you will gain it as you practice it with discipline at least four times a week. It is an easy exercise that you will never forget, such as walking or swimming once you know how to do it.

If you are just starting, here we will advise you how to achieve long distances and what you should take with you, depending on the ride you take. The important thing is not how far you go, but that you enjoy what you do, live each moment, and in turn, be healthy.

How to learn to ride a bike?

Mountain bikes are the most versatile because they not only adapt to unstable terrain, but you can use them on the road. So, if it comes to choosing a bike to start with a new lifestyle, this is a good option, you will be amazed by all its advantages.

Now comes the most complex but not impossible part, knowing how to use it. You are never old enough to learn to ride a bike, and here we will explain what you need:

  1. Good company: Yes! Good company because you will need someone to help you through the process. More than to save you from a fall, it is to encourage you.
  2. Do not let the bike hold you: Gaining balance is the primary step in controlling the cycle.
  3. Lower the bike seat: To ride a bike, you must drag your feet because before using the pedals, you will use your legs as an impulse; in this way, when you feel confident and balanced, you will start to raise your feet a little, until you can reach the pedals.
  4. Hands-on brakes: This point is essential. While holding onto the bike’s grips, two fingers should hold the brakes, a pair of calipers in front of the grips. The idea is that you assimilate each part of the bike’s functions and adopt them as if they were part of your daily operations. When you feel like you are about to fall, squeeze!
  5. Wear a helmet and protectors on your joints: You may fall while learning, but the plan is that later you laugh at what happened without having any scratches.
  6. Enjoy the experience. Once you learn it, you will never forget it.

Have you never risked doing long distances?

Biking is a sport for all people, even those whose resistance is low because with this they manage to obtain it; it does not have a high impact like other sports. But, do not forget that everything is practice and discipline, so we recommend you go out at least 4 days a week for approximately 30 min. Then, the time will be decided by you because you will notice that you last longer than before during your rides as the days go by. It is important that:

  1. Use a mountain bike because it adapts to all terrains.
  2. You constantly hydrate. Water or Gatorade gives you the energy you need to continue your journey.
  3. Constancy, constancy, and constancy. Do not give up! If you plan a long-distance adventure, with courage and practice, you will achieve it.
  4. Get enough rest and eat a good breakfast to have enough energy in your day to day.
  5. Propose challenges. Example: Impose a route to carry out an errand in your daily life, be it going to a bakery that is 10 minutes from your home, or a pharmacy, etc.

Considering the above tips, you will be ready to start planning or fulfilling each of the adventures you have in mind. Take a chance and dream big; that is why many travel the world on mountain bikes, and believe us, everything is based on the strength of their desires, preparation, and selection of the type of bike. These people show that more than a dream, it is a reality that is far from the word “impossible”. Moreover, anyone can do it.

What do you need during your adventure?

Live the moment! It does not matter if that long-distance is about an adventure or getting to your place of work. Whatever it is, enjoy the journey. But it would be best if you were prepared according to your plan, whether it is an adventure in the mountains or a forest, always keep in mind that anything can happen and therefore you should have the following in your bag:

  • Carbohydrates: One day before your plan, carbohydrates are good to start with energy and burn them on your walk.
  • Water: Hydrate whenever you need it, before, during, and after the ride. Also, rest when you feel tired during the journey; pauses are not bad. Everyone has a different rhythm to achieve their plans. You follow yours.
  • Breakfast: This is the most important meal of the day, especially for a cyclist. Never skip breakfast!
  • Bring snacks: Fruits provide the energy that you lose during the journey. Therefore, snacks are important, especially when it comes to doing sports.
  • First aid kit: You will need gauze, medical ink, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, cotton, and Merthiolate.
  • Repair kit: The bike’s tires could spike or deflate, so do not forget to bring the patches and special glue to fix the damages and the air pump to inflate it.
  • Predict the weather condition: You must be prepared in case of rain, even the place to visit could be wet. Therefore, wear the right shoes and clothing, preferably made of waterproof material.

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